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About Alexis

With a vision to optimize the forest, farm and agriculture waste into an economic resource and benifit the national economy in the energy sector

Alexis systems focuses to be a leading manufacturer of high quality renewable energy equipments that include Automation systems, Raw material procurement methods, Material handling systems, Hydraulic Briquetting Equipments, Storage Silos, Drying Systems, Blending equipments and packaging systems.
This assures our commitment to achieve customer satisfaction worldwide as well as to enhance the value for all stakeholders.

Alexis Systems Offer

Of Agriculture and forest waste thereby preventing the environment from global warming and pollution. Undertakes turnkey projects of setting up captive Biofuel - Briquette plants for Sugar Mills, Corrugated Carton Box Plants.

Process of Briquetting & Pelletisation

1. Harvesting the agricultural, farm or forest resources through suitable equipment's according to the yield and to separate the waste which forms the raw material for bio briquetting & pelletisation.

2. Moving Raw Materials from the yard with the help of JCB to the conveyor system which further separates the usable and non usable materials.

3. The usable raw material is fed into the mobile shredders and hammer mills for the size reduction from the size of 5 inch to 8mm.

4. The process of drying through the specially designed equipments for reduction of moisture in the material from 40% to 15%.

5. Dried Material is cooled to sped access heat in a controlled environment to avoid condensation and moisture rebuild in the material.

6. Silos stored material is moved into the blender/mixer in ratios that is required to achieve dierent caloric values, is now mixed with higher caloric value raw materials to achieve the required blend.

7. Blended material is fed into the machines for achieving the Pellets and the Briquettes of the required dimensions and shape.

8. The output is transported through conveyors to the packaging systems and is packed in bags 30-40 Kgs, so as to handle easily by hand and the fork lift..

9. The stored bags in the form of columns of the Pellets are moved into the trucks with the help of the fork lifts and transported to the customer location for direct usage in to solid mass or uid bed combustion boilers.

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